What is a Basement Crack?

How to fix My Basement Cracks?


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Most homeowners don’t realize how damaging and costly basement cracks can be if they are not repaired quickly and properly. In addition to damage to your foundation walls and basement floors (which can require costly masonry repairs), basement cracks can let water, insects and debris into your home. That’s when the real trouble starts. Dampness in your basement can lead to uncontrolled mould and mildew growth – and the health problems that go with it – damage to carpets and furniture, and rust on equipment like water heaters and furnaces, which will then need to be replaced sooner than normal.

What is a Basement Crack?

Basement and foundation walls, whether in a home or commercial building, are made of poured concrete or concrete blocks.  Concrete is a great material for foundations because it withstands compression very well and can hold up your home or business building.

But that doesn’t mean that concrete is absolutely perfect.  Concrete tends to expand and contract, depending on its moisture content.  Even dry concrete can absorb moisture which will cause it to expand.  The problem isn’t the expansion and contraction itself, but the cracks that will inevitably form because of the repeated expansion and contraction.

Another major cause of basement wall cracks is the pressure on the wall from the earth outside your home.  When there is more moisture in the soil, it becomes heavier and pushes on the outside of the wall.  As the moisture drains, the pressure is relieved.  The constantly changing moisture levels in the soil have the effect of pushing and pulling on your basement walls, which causes cracks.

How to fix My Basement Cracks?

So you notice a crack in your basement wall.  Now what?  The easy answer is that you need to fix it.  But if the basement crack isn’t properly repaired, it could make the problem worse.  Just fill a crack with a little mortar does not fix the entire crack and it does nothing to change the cause of the crack – so chances are the crack will reappear and get worse.

To properly fix a basement wall crack, the entire crack must be filled, through the full width of your basement wall.  To prevent more cracks from forming, the casue of the crack must be investigated and corrected.  For example, if there is too much water in the soil outside your home, then you need to improve your drainage.

If you want proper basement crack solutions, you need a reliable basement crack repair service.


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