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Wet Basements

A Little Water Can be a Big Problem

Your wet basement can be a source of stress, expense and perhaps worst of all, an unhealthy environment throughout your home. You may not even know you have a problem because the dampness it causes and its consequences can remain hidden behind the wall until it’s too late.

A home in need of foundation repair can expect to have basement leaks. Areas where parging has fallen away, exposing mortar joints between blocks, foundation cracks, penetrations where pipes and conduits pass through the foundation, as well as malfunctioning window wells and clogged weeping tile, can all contribute to a wet basement.

The Causes of Wet Basements – You are Not Alone

Basement dampness is a common problem that can have a number of causes:


cracks in basement walls and floorsCracked Basement Walls and Floors – Basement walls and floors are generally made of poured concrete and/or concrete blocks. They face a variety of pressures, from your home above, the earth outside, moisture, heat and cold. It all results in repeated cycles of expansion and contraction in the concrete. Unfortunately, concrete is not flexible and it is inevitable that your basement walls and/or floors will crack. When they do, it could be the start of a wet basement problem.


condensationCondensation – Condensation occurs in your basement when warm, moist air meets cooler surfaces, like your basement walls or plumbing pipes. Condensation can lead to as much dampness in your basement as a crack in the wall.


clogged tileClogged or Damaged Drainage Tile – Mud, debris and tree roots can clog or damage the weeping tile around your home’s foundation, causing water to back up and leak into your basement.


soil drainagePoor Soil Drainage – If there is too much water in the soil around your home, it can find a way into your basement.


Why is a Wet Basement a Problem?

Sometimes it’s just a little water and many homeowners don’t bother repairing a wet basement. But a little water can be a big problem:

Wet basements can be a lot of trouble, unless you waterproof your basement before it becomes a problem.

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IQ Testimonials

I wanted to send you a quick note to say how pleased I was with the work that was done on my foundation wall. Your quick response to my leaking wall was greatly appreciated. The technician was courteous and professional, and thoroughly explained the process he was going to perform to fix the crack. I originally thought it was just a leaking tie hole, but he pointed out the crack to me and proceeded to fix it. Thank you again for your efforts.