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Exterior Leaks

Why Exterior Waterproofing is The Best Defence for Your Mississauga Home

Mississauga foundation waterproofing

Even if your home was built by the finest tradespeople and craftsmen around, using the latest and greatest construction materials and practices, the truth of the matter is that homeowners are always going to have to put thought into preventing, addressing, and repairing the “wear and tear” that Mother Nature can do to a home. […]

What Are the Most Common Causes of Exterior Leaks in Mississauga Homes?

foundation repair Mississauga

Seasoned homeowners understand that they are at the mercy of Mother Nature – sometimes nature has its own plans in store. A homeowner’s best defence is to protect themselves against anything foreseeable, and take the necessary steps to resolve any damages Mother Nature may cause. Storms, heat and cold, climate change, wind, and a whole […]

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