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Should You Be Worried About A Foundation Crack?

Should You Be Worried About A Foundation Crack?

The foundation is responsible for keeping your home firmly planted in the ground. The primary bed of support for the home, the foundation can cost a great deal to repair if the damage is extensive. As damage tends to occur slowly, you can typically spot it when you see growing cracks along the walls of […]

How to Keep Your Home’s Foundation Safe

How to Keep Your Home’s Foundation Safe

The foundation of your home is the most important part of your house. Without a stable foundation, every part of the house can be put at risk. Typically, issues with the foundation will develop over time, giving you plenty of time to take remedial action and fix the damages. That is, of course, as long […]

Choosing the Best Foundation Contractor

Choosing the Best Foundation Contractor

Putting in a foundation, replacing a foundation, or repairing a foundation are all expensive operations. Finding the best foundation contractor is critical if you want to ensure that you are spending your money wisely. Along with providing superior professional service, the best Ottawa foundation contractor will work with you every step of the way to […]

Foundation Waterproofing in Mississauga: Step-by-Step

foundation waterproofing

  If you are committed to waterproofing your foundation from the outside in (universally regarded as the most effective way to waterproof your foundation) you’ll want to make sure that you are working with top-tier experts that can provide you with results you can count on for years to come. Make sure that your foundation […]

What is an Exterior Weeping Tile System?

A foundation repair site outside a home

If you have suffered through a basement flood in your home in Mississauga, or feel weary about the structural integrity of your home each time a downpour occurs, an exterior weeping tile system could help strengthen your foundation and give you peace of mind. Here’s how it can benefit your home. What is an Exterior […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Waterproofing

A plumber answers questions on the phone

Do you have a crack around the house that haunts your nightmares? We understand. Cracks around the house or a leak in the basement can be a big problem if not dealt with right away. Unlike some small problems around the house that can be handled with some elbow grease and a trip to the […]

The Most Common Causes of Foundation Cracks

Rain pours over a roof

All things age and your house is no exception. It is essential to make sure that it ages well and to keep an eye out for the small repairs as problems surface. Your house stands on a foundation and the years can take a serious toll on the foundation. Top it off with low maintenance […]

What is a Weeping Tile System?

Close-up of work being done on a home foundation

Your home is a major investment – perhaps the largest investment you will ever make. If you aren’t attentive, seemingly minor problems will pile up over the years and eat away at the resale value of your home. For example, moisture problems are a common issue, especially in older homes. Rainwater seems harmless, but as […]

How to Tell If Your Home Needs Foundation Repair Services

Foundation is measured during a foundation repair

We spend a fortune looking for that perfect house to live in forever and to make memories to love and cherish. We spend another fortune in designing and decorating it according to our likes so that it may truly become the home of our dreams. We then spend so much more than just money in […]

Leaky Basements: What Causes the Moisture?

Water seeping from a pipe

Most homes with basements will leak eventually, and this isn’t necessarily caused by poor construction or damage–most of the time it is caused by time and the forces of nature such as shifting concrete, settling dirt, and water seepage through windows. Hydrostatic or lateral pressure Rising water tables in your area caused by excessive rain […]

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