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Internal Drainage System

5 Signs Your Home Has a Drainage Problem

A man fixes a drain under a sink

A clean and tidy house is a healthy house. So if you notice a little puddle in your basement where eventually a whole lot of mold will start to grow or a lake on the front porch that wasn’t there when you first bought the place, then we have to break it to you: your […]

Understanding Hydrostatic Pressure

A basement water pipe faucet

Hydrostatic pressure sounds fancy, but it’s really just another term for “water pressure.” Hydrostatic pressure has the potential to trigger leakage into the basement of your home. If you’re having problems with water in your basement, you should know that understanding hydrostatic pressure will be the key to taking action which leads to a drier […]

What is a French Drain and Why Do I Need One?

A french drain in construction

A French drain is simply a trench designed in a sloped manner that is filled with round gravel and a pipe that diverts the flow of water away from your house, helping to keep your basement dry. While they can also be decorative, French drains serve a very important purpose: pulling water to an area […]

Leaky Basements: What Causes the Moisture?

Water seeping from a pipe

Most homes with basements will leak eventually, and this isn’t necessarily caused by poor construction or damage–most of the time it is caused by time and the forces of nature such as shifting concrete, settling dirt, and water seepage through windows. Hydrostatic or lateral pressure Rising water tables in your area caused by excessive rain […]

Basement Finishing Q&A: Does Our Ottawa Home Need a Sump Pump?

Dear Crack Doctor: I have a basement that turns wet whenever it rains. It’s just a little wet, so we haven’t worried about it too much. Now, though, we want to embark on some basement finishing. Should we get a sump pump?

Sump Pump Repairs and Services: DIY Tips

Keeping your sump pump in good working condition is essential to ensuring that your basement is free of water or the accumulation of moisture. Leaky pipes, flooding from rain, or sewer backups can usually all be handled adequately by your sump pump provided it is properly maintained. If your sump pump has been experiencing problems, there may be a few fixes you can make yourself.

The Weeping Tile

If you don’t know what weeping tile is, you might be surprised to learn that it looks nothing like bathroom tile at all. I can remember being very young and hearing my dad talk about weeping tiles and how it had to do with digging outside. I remembered being very confused by this. Having been raised around this subject my whole life, I now know that weeping tile is a perforated pipe which allows water to enter or weep into it from the ground and the water is moved along inside the pipe toward the path of least resistance which is always the low spot.

The Sump Pump

The sump pump is a mechanical device under the floor which is used to remove water from under the house or building. Until recently, most houses had a sump pump. Then they fell out of favour for a while, but they are now a part of the building code once again for Ontario. Every new house now has a sump pump.

How To Install a Sump Pump

A sump pump is used to control water under the floor of a basement.

1. Begin by protecting the area from dust as you have been trained.
2. The sump, which is the perforated plastic box under the floor, also called a liner, must be installed at the lowest spot in the basement.
3. Within reason, there is some flexibility as to where the pump can be located. An example of this could be that if all the mechanicals could be kept together that might be nice, but not if that is a high spot.

The Internal Subfloor Drainage System / French-Drain

Much like the outside waterproofing method, the French-drain or internal sub-floor drainage system method of basement waterproofing has existed for thousands of years. The Crack Doctor works with an internal waterproofing system that is exclusive to our company. It has been designed and developed to address all problems regarding wet basements, without the need to dig outside. Our internal solution carries a lifetime transferrable warranty to be waterproofed.

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