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FAQ About Mold Growth in Mississauga Basements

Mold growth on a ceiling

Are you wondering about mold growth, mildew, or dampness in your basement? We get a lot of questions from clients about mold, so we’ve put together the most frequently asked questions. What causes mold to develop? The growth of mold entails three basic requirements: Nutrients which can be obtained from organic material such as wood, […]

What is a French Drain and Why Do I Need One?

A french drain in construction

A French drain is simply a trench designed in a sloped manner that is filled with round gravel and a pipe that diverts the flow of water away from your house, helping to keep your basement dry. While they can also be decorative, French drains serve a very important purpose: pulling water to an area […]

Hire a Contractor to Finish Your Basement or DIY?

A semi-finished basement

An unfinished basement can seem like an easy project for homeowners to tackle on their own, but professionals warn that unexpected expenses and challenges lurk around every corner. Considering a DIY basement finishing project? Read on to be sure you’re ready for the road ahead. Extended timeline If you’re finishing your basement for an upcoming […]

Is Your Toronto Property Hazardous to Your Tenants’ Health? It’s Time for Basement Leak Repair!

Sometimes it’s difficult being a Toronto landlord. It’s not as easy as just pocketing the cheque for rent each month. Landlords are also responsible for ensuing their rented property remains a safe and habitable place for tenants to live in (this means getting a basement leak repair when you have a wet basement!). As landlords don’t live in the rented property themselves, it’s important to have open communication channels with the tenant, and be able to discuss what is happening with the rented property.

Mould, Moisture and Landlords: Legal Issues Related to Wet Basement Repair in Toronto

All landlords in Canada know that they have legal responsibilities related to the overall function and safety of their properties. These responsibilities extend to the status of the basement area, where foundation cracks may cause regular leakage. Consequently, it’s important for landlords to remember that wet basement repair for Toronto homes, condos and townhouses is something that should be handled sooner rather than later. Otherwise, litigation could become a reality.

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