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The Consequences of Clogged Gutters

foundation repair

It’s often said that the little things that can make all the difference, and that goes for your clogged gutters surrounding your home. Having debris and leaves clog up those gutters and drain pipes might seem like an insignificant task on that maintenance list of yours, but ignoring it can actually cause a significant amount […]

A Quick Guide to Sump Pump Maintenance

basement waterproofing ottawa

Your sump pump may not get a whole lot of appreciation, but it’s such an important part of your home. Sump pumps collect water and safely divert it from your home to prevent flooding, water damage, and mold growth. It’s important to give the sump pump the proper attention it deserves in order to ensure […]

How to Remediate a Basement Moisture Problem

wet basement repair ottawa

When moisture seeps into your basement, it can lead to some serious damage if it’s left to fester. Over time, a tiny flood can allow rotting to occur, mold to develop, and even a weakened structure in the surrounding areas. If your basement is retaining moisture or floods every time it rains, here’s how you […]

Radon Mitigation in Ontario

A diagram of radon seeping into a house

Did you know that radon exposure is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in Canada, behind only smoking? Radon is an odourless, colourless gas caused by the natural breakdown of uranium in the ground. Radon seeps into our homes through tiny cracks and holes and builds up to dangerous levels if not mitigated. Approximately 7-10% […]

Why Insulating the Crawlspace is Important

Rolls of insulation material

Do you loathe looking at your energy bill? It can be emotionally exhausting watching your hard earned money burn away every month. Surprisingly, one simple investment can go a long way to reducing your energy expenditures: insulating the crawlspace! Insulation Benefits in the Summer During the summer, do you notice that you have to crank […]

The Most Important Basement Waterproofing Tips

A puddle on the street

A waterproofed basement will help you to protect your home investment. After all, water damage is hard to deal with and it may negatively impact the comfort, safety, and resale value of a residence. In order to help you put together an effective basement waterproofing plan, we’ve compiled a convenient, easy-to-understand list of the most […]

5 Signs Your Crawlspace Needs Expert Help

A crawlspace entrance

Your crawlspace doesn’t need to have puddles to have a water problem. Crawlspace humidity can be caused by house settling and other structural issues, when your foundation is no longer able to support the weight of your house or when the soil under your home shifts. This makes annual crawlspace inspections by experts like The […]

What is the Mold Remediation Process?


If you have a mold problem in your home, your best course of action is always to hire a professional mold remediation service. This is especially true if the mold growth area is larger than ten square feet, or if the mold is toxic. If you’re in doubt about either factor, call the experts. Here’s […]

10 Signs You Need Foundation Repair

Signs you need foundation repair

Every aspect of your home relies on your home’s foundation for support and stability. If something is wrong with your foundation, you may notice indications around your home, some more obvious than others. If you notice any of these ten signs, your home may need foundation repair. Act quickly to take care of the problem […]

5 Surprising Foundation Repair Myths

Foundation repair myths

Misinformation about foundation problems can spread pretty quickly. It makes sense – you’re likely to believe almost anything if the literal foundation of your family home is being threatened. However, trusting in some of these myths as fact could wind up causing more trouble than you’d expect. We’re here to help debunk some of these […]

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