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Basement Leaks

What is the Source of Your Mississauga Basement Leak?

Snow-covered homes in Mississauga

People often consider turning their basements into something more useful, like a guest bedroom, a home office, or a media room. If your basement is damp or musty, this needs to be addressed first before you can start the renovation project. Basements can be a great part of homes, but if there is a leak […]

Reducing the Risk of Property Damage in the Winter

Reducing the Risk of Property Damage in the Winter

We Canadians spend the entire winter season yearning for the sun and curse away the snow and rain. The outside freezes us to the bone, the days are gloomy and there is no end to it. We do everything we can to prepare for the winter season, but we usually forget that our houses can […]

Have You Waterproofed Your Basement This Winter?

A snow-covered home with a red door

It is safe to say the word “harsh” falls short of describing the winters in Canada. Whether you live in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, or Ottawa, the weather makes itself known during the winter months. As blizzards, heavy snow falls, freezing rain, and frosty temperatures swoop in, a whole list of water-related problems also appear. We […]

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