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The Crack Doctor is a professional fully accredited, full service basement waterproofing company able to permanently solve any problem with a wet basement, often from inside or outside, with or without digging.

For many years, our award-winning Canadian company has been helping families and businesses permanently solve their wet basement problems. The Crack Doctor has performed tens of thousands of permanent foundation waterproofing repairs across Ontario and Quebec, and history has proven that our reputation, warranty and repair solutions have stood the test of time. That’s why more people trust The Crack Doctor to care for their foundation than any other company in Canada.

Take a look at our blog posts, and keep up to date about the necessary home improvements and repairs you may need to do to ensure a safe and healthy home!

How Do You Protect Your Basement from Moisture?

How Do You Protect Your Basement from Moisture?

It is great to be able to call yourself a homeowner until you realize all the blood, sweat, and tears that come with such a title. There are hundreds of little things that need to be taken care of around the house, and basements are a whole category in itself. Everybody knows excessive moisture in […]

Reducing the Risk of Property Damage in the Winter

Reducing the Risk of Property Damage in the Winter

We Canadians spend the entire winter season yearning for the sun and curse away the snow and rain. The outside freezes us to the bone, the days are gloomy and there is no end to it. We do everything we can to prepare for the winter season, but we usually forget that our houses can […]

How Basement Waterproofing Can Save You Big Bucks

A workman looks around an unfinished basement

With prices of, well, everything soaring by the day, homeowners look for little loopholes to get out of spending too much money on renovations and regular home maintenance. Since savings have become a hard thing to come by, you want to find extra dollars everywhere you can. Sometimes you will save a little by skipping […]

Make Sure You Are Getting the Right Help for Your Foundation Repairs

A close-up of a worker repairing a home's foundation

Homeowners are blessed with a roof over their head that they can call their own. On the flip side, they are cursed with the forever maintenance and all the things that can go wrong on their property! If you are a homeowner and your home has a basement, then you must know all the problems […]

Water Damage Remediation: What You Need To Know 

Water damage on a home's ceiling

We spend untold thousands of dollars turning houses into dream homes. Over the years we spend even more to maintain the dream home. There are so many little things around the house that need attention, the list is never ending. And then there are the big ones which cannot be overlooked. If you are a […]

The Most Common Causes of Foundation Cracks

Rain pours over a roof

All things age and your house is no exception. It is essential to make sure that it ages well and to keep an eye out for the small repairs as problems surface. Your house stands on a foundation and the years can take a serious toll on the foundation. Top it off with low maintenance […]

Why Finishing Your Basement is a Good Idea

A cozy, finished basement TV room

When you picture your dream home, do you think about the basement at all? Must it be the dark, spooky place that gives you the creeps when you need to go down there? No, not anymore. You will be surprised to know how people are getting creative with their basement plans. It is a large […]

What is a Weeping Tile System?

Close-up of work being done on a home foundation

Your home is a major investment – perhaps the largest investment you will ever make. If you aren’t attentive, seemingly minor problems will pile up over the years and eat away at the resale value of your home. For example, moisture problems are a common issue, especially in older homes. Rainwater seems harmless, but as […]

Choose the Right Flooring For Your Basement

Hardwood is installed over a cement floor

Basements don’t always have to be dark and gloomy. Homeowners all across Ontario are turning their basements into home theatres, media rooms, guest suites, kids’ playrooms, and fully equipped home gyms. You can take a basement and design it to your liking. You’ll have a lot of decisions to make, including flooring. What type of […]

Have You Waterproofed Your Basement This Winter?

A snow-covered home with a red door

It is safe to say the word “harsh” falls short of describing the winters in Canada. Whether you live in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, or Ottawa, the weather makes itself known during the winter months. As blizzards, heavy snow falls, freezing rain, and frosty temperatures swoop in, a whole list of water-related problems also appear. We […]

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