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Wet Crawlspaces

Wet Crawlspace? It Doesn’t Have to be That Way

The crawlspace is not an exciting place. It’s that dirty place under the house that is too short to be useful and is often ignored. The crawlspace is, however, the foundation of the building. It must be kept in good repair and must always be dry.

A crawlspace is subject to all the normal problems a full height foundation can experience, plus a couple of extra ones.

Water in a crawl space can be even more destructive as the air volume is smaller and the concentration of moisture in the air is greater. This moisture deteriorates the supporting joists, beams, columns that support the house. Often this area is uninsulated leading to condensation, which creates more moisture, mould growth, and foul smells rising up from under the floor and into the living environment.

The ventilation in a crawlspace is often inadequate, which helps to perpetuate mould growth and creates a stagnant stinky pocket of trapped air that never leaves.

In addition, it is quite common to discover that a crawlspace may not even have a concrete floor, but instead, moist dirt is exposed to the air directly under the main floor of the house.

Thankfully, The Crack Doctor has a system called the Crawl Space Solution.

This system incorporates an internal subfloor drainage system and waterproof membrane. Though a crawlspace can often be made waterproof from the outside by excavating and installing a drainage system and waterproof membrane, the crawlspace solution is installed inside.

Depending on the situation, the entire crawlspace may be encapsulated in a heavy vapor barrier which is also a waterproof membrane. This membrane is connected to a drainage system we install under the floor and will guarantee that the crawlspace remains dry. Ventilation and insulation can then be addressed, which is also something we provide.

If you have a concern about your crawlspace and want to learn more, call The Crack Doctor today.


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I wanted to send you a quick note to say how pleased I was with the work that was done on my foundation wall. Your quick response to my leaking wall was greatly appreciated. The technician was courteous and professional, and thoroughly explained the process he was going to perform to fix the crack. I originally thought it was just a leaking tie hole, but he pointed out the crack to me and proceeded to fix it. Thank you again for your efforts.