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Crack Repair Services

Along any property’s foundation, it’s common to eventually discover cracks.  Cracks may be visible from the inside or outside of the house, on foundation walls or floors.  Either way, they can be alarming reminders to property owners that something’s wrong.

The types of waterproofing materials used in crack repairs vary according to where the crack is, as well as the type of foundation.  With the help of The Crack Doctor, there can be numerous methods of fixing cracked foundations:

For Interior Cracks

If cracks are located in poured concrete foundations, they can most often be repaired from the inside of the house without the need for interior or exterior digging.  Inside crack repair via a high pressure injection system is very successful as an option when working with solid, poured concrete foundations.  (Other measures must be taken for cinder block foundations.)

High-pressure and low-pressure crack injections are available in four different types, and they use either urethane resin or epoxy.  High-pressure urethane repair is considered to be the most permanent way to repair fractured leaking concrete.  It is also the repair developed and used by the energy industries to fix hydro dams and nuclear power plants, and is preferred by The Crack Doctor’s team.

For Exterior Cracks

If the cracks are only noticeable from the outside, it may be possible to make repairs by excavating to the bottom of the foundation wall, thereby exposing the full length of the crack.  Again, a high-pressure urethane repair can be used as long as the foundation is made from solid, poured concrete or a membrane repair can be performed.

outside crack repair

For more information on crack repair, please contact us toll free at 1-866-788-3288.

HELPFUL TIP:  Foundation repair is an unregulated industry.  There is no licensing, training, testing, education or experience required.  It is dangerous to waterproof basements and fix cracks.  Be sure to hire a company like The Crack Doctor that has a history of success, and that maintains liability insurance.

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IQ Testimonials

I wanted to send you a quick note to say how pleased I was with the work that was done on my foundation wall. Your quick response to my leaking wall was greatly appreciated. The technician was courteous and professional, and thoroughly explained the process he was going to perform to fix the crack. I originally thought it was just a leaking tie hole, but he pointed out the crack to me and proceeded to fix it. Thank you again for your efforts.